Chicago is a beautiful city. The lakes, the greenery, the food, and what not. I was fortunate to have experienced all the four seasons in this city. I came here and the leaves were orange and yellow. I had to go back to India, leaving behind the snow! When I came back in March the flowers were starting to bloom, and now its almost the beginning of summer and its green all over.

Its a colourful city. Every weekend there was a different activity. There was boxing one day, and fishing the other day. We went swimming one day and a picnic another. Shops are interesting too. The better half finds her colour over there. Cycling and walking by the lakes was one of the best things the city had to offer. People here are colorful too. We have people from the East and West, North and South. People from India and Pakistan, people from Singapore to East Africa. Its a colourful city!.

Food was amazing all these days. Especially the hospitality that made us feel like home in all the homes we visited these past few months. So many interesting people, living together and enjoying life and investing time and energy in the service of mankind. Its a colorful city!