Waterfall Glen is beautiful. It is right next to where I stay. There is Cycling, Jogging and I believe also skiing in winter. There are miles and miles of sand paved trails among the beautiful lush green woods. Right in the heart of Downers Grove lies this beautiful oasis of nature.

I managed to walk almost an hour in the woods. Brisk walking is the trick they say. People have to maintain their lanes as they do on the road. There were some tourists from out of town, who were walking on the wrong side of the road. I think they must have come from where they drive on the left. Speaking of left and right side driving, there has always been a tussle between East and West. Back in India we say we have a right hand drive car, where as in america they insist that Indians drive on the left hand of the road hence we are on the left. On the other hand they, by driving on the right, although having the wheels on the left.

It is so interesting that our minds can go so far away when left alone. Its a jungle in there. I am in the forest and I am thinking about the right way of driving cars. Our minds are fascinating.

Nature has to offer a lot to us. Every leaf is doing its job in saving the world and keeping it running. It lives, and by doing just what it has to do to exist till whatever time it is destined to, it is doing service in one way or the other to everything around it.

When I was walking on my one hour walk, I got time to appreciate nature. I got time to think. I was in between all of it. Every corner had a whole life cycle revolving around it.

I hope I am able to do it every day 🙂

Exercise in the woods is the best thing ever