The other day some one came up to me and inquired about some tips for her four year old daughter to help her start and continue memorizing alQuraan alKareem.

I was thinking about how do you get such a small child to start memorizing the Quraan; A child who has not yet started reading or writing.

Children learn or “memorize” languages they speak by listening to it and associating those sounds with objects or subjects that those sounds are frequented with. Similarly Qurane Majeed can be memorized by “listening” to it.

I think when we listen to quran again and again we tend to memorize it and associate it with the melody that it is recited in.  Having said that, I thought, to associate those sounds with more than just the melody would be better and more reinforcing for the child. I advised the person inquiring that he could let the child associate those sounds (and the associated melody combined) with some “images”.

He could help her place her finger on the exact aayat and guide her finger to follow the words of the aayat as it is being recited, hence she would associate those sounds with the design that is appearing in front of her made up of letters and words.

A further association that would really reinforce the aayaat and surahs is something that she could relate with her feelings. She could relate some surahs or aayats with “shifa”, some aayats with “happiness”, some aayat with “buka” or things like that.

To sum it up, we covered three types of associations that our mind formulates to help itself memorize anything and everything. These tools are come in handy at all ages.

I was looking for tips for memorizing alQuraan online and came across an informative page that suggests 13 points to take into consideration when memorizing. This is the site: