Kurla Chaos

Lets do something

After a long break I am finally back in India, my home town, the place where I grew up. India is a colorful, sometimes noisy  but “happening” country!

For the holy month of Ramadan I am currently stationed in a suburb of Mumbai called Kurla. The masjid is right in front of a major suburban railway station. The area around it tends to get very  very crowded at times, especially as this being the holy month of Ramadan and almost everyone going or coming from their places of worship on the streets.

The bazaar here is packed! There is food everywhere. Its rainy season, and with all this happening in an area of spanning less than three to four square kilometers, with water falling from the skies, it does seem to get rather messy sometimes.

On the other hand, the people here are so happy and joyful. There is not one soul you may notice on the streets, but you can see a smile on their faces. Every one seems to have a job and a journey in front of them. There are agendas being kept and work work work everywhere. It is a sign of a progressive hard working society.

But what about the mess on the streets, and the traffic problem, and the buildings in bad shape, and side walks being consumed by shops and street vendors! There has to be a way all this chaos can be managed.