Its Monday morning and guess what. I wake up in the morning and have a feast ready for me in the refrigerator. My dear wife had specially packed some scones for us coming back from England. Along with the scones she had packed a box of frozen clotted cream. Simply delecios.

The security guard at the airport was pretty amused looking at the frozen cream. Usually liquid above a certain amount of volume is not allowed in carry on baggages. The cream, if it were not frozen, she would not have let it go she said. How cool.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it has been said. I look forward to it.   I am happy with eggs and fruit. Honey and seven seeds of “habbat sawda”, and some cinnamon  and “khaake shifa”, holy dust from Karbala Moalla, are all part of my daily routine of must haves in breakfast. Rasululullah SA, has stated that if one has these seeds with some honey every day, he will be saved from seventy different types of ailments. “Khaake Shifa” the holy dust from the graves of Imam Husain AS does miracles. I am so fortunate to be getting these barakaat (blessings) every morning as I start my day.

Five meals or six small portion meals a day is the norm advised by health magazines. I have a glass of hot or cold milk in the office at 1030 after breakfast, then snacks and a small portion meal at 1:30, a tall glass of milk at 5 or 6 sometimes and then dinner at 8:30 or 9. I guess I fall under the category of having those suggested 6 meals a day, although I need to work on increasing my 1030 and 6 pm meals quality and quantity and decreasing quantity from the 1:30 and 8.