Finally we went up to the terrace for a walk! Today was our 10 year anniversary! Gifts are always welcome at such an occasion. The trouble is to find the right thing for a person.

I like the way things are packed. It reflects upon the sentiment behind the gift. The amount of effort one is willing to put in to wrapping that gift, is the amount of love that person has for you, I believe. A gift no matter how small should be presented well.  :):):):):) even if its an emirates toothbrush case  ; ) [That line was from my wife :)] She is funny. She has this thing with gifts. She packs them so well. My last birthday she had a whole treasure hunt planned out for me. There were gifts every where in the house. It was wonderful.

The thought and the willingness to spend time and energy to make someone happy results into these decorative gifts. I just love them. I wish they keep on coming with all their beautiful packaging