Saw a documentary on National Geographic about Lions and their survival. Its a tough life. Wonderfully done film. I cant understand how they have managed to get so many angles of those kills. Simply amazing work. It was just like a feature film, with a plot a story, a climax and an end. I mean to do something like that with live animals in the wild is outstanding work.

I would love to go out in the wild one day and shoot a safari film. I had always had a dream of making something like that. Documentaries are my passion. If I had a choice I would put everything aside and just make films. I have to work on that. Lets see what comes ahead.

The documentary said in fifteen years there will be 8 billion Human Beings living on the face of earth and today there are only 20 thousand lions left in the wild. 8 billion with all their mess! We need to change our lifestyle! We need to put an end to this madness! we need to be better citizens of the world. We cant be so irresponsible! It is our duty to protect, and if nothing.. the least we could do is not to harm!