Moharram ulHaraam is around the corner.

Seasons bring in such joy! Where I live, we have summer, monsoons, and a little bit of a lesser hot summer (some people like to call it winter). Regardless, every new season, or change of a season brings with it a different sort story, a different joy, and always something to look forward to.

I love it when monsoon arives after a hot summer. When the winter arrives after that, I  so look forward to it getting chilly. It doesn’t get so cold here in Surat, but at least it gets pleasant. Hence just as how birds like to fly south in winter i like to fly north whenever i get the chance. To me the best thing about winter is the winter clothes. I think we men look our smartest when wearing jackets and sweaters.

These are seasons that come along with the rotation of the planets and skies; and there are seasons that revolve around our culture, beliefs and ideologies.