The beauty of nature is unique, unmatched, and fantastic. There are infinite patterns not always symmetrical or matching to each other, but everything put together makes it a masterpiece. If we look at a single plant, we see that it grows in different directions, some leaves go right and some go left, some go up or some go down.

Researchers have found some maths in some of the designs of nature, like the Fibonacci sequence for example. Overall there is beauty in chaos. On the other hand when man makes a building or a chair or a table he has to be very careful in following a pattern, or some maths so to say. Man does not have the total liberty to create chaos and that it may ultimately result into beauty. Although man has found a way of imitating that chaos in the so called Modern art.



Finally we went up to the terrace for a walk! Today was our 10 year anniversary! Gifts are always welcome at such an occasion. The trouble is to find the right thing for a person.

I like the way things are packed. It reflects upon the sentiment behind the gift. The amount of effort one is willing to put in to wrapping that gift, is the amount of love that person has for you, I believe. A gift no matter how small should be presented well.  :):):):):) even if its an emirates toothbrush case  ; ) [That line was from my wife :)] She is funny. She has this thing with gifts. She packs them so well. My last birthday she had a whole treasure hunt planned out for me. There were gifts every where in the house. It was wonderful.

The thought and the willingness to spend time and energy to make someone happy results into these decorative gifts. I just love them. I wish they keep on coming with all their beautiful packaging


Its Monday morning and guess what. I wake up in the morning and have a feast ready for me in the refrigerator. My dear wife had specially packed some scones for us coming back from England. Along with the scones she had packed a box of frozen clotted cream. Simply delecios.

The security guard at the airport was pretty amused looking at the frozen cream. Usually liquid above a certain amount of volume is not allowed in carry on baggages. The cream, if it were not frozen, she would not have let it go she said. How cool.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it has been said. I look forward to it.   I am happy with eggs and fruit. Honey and seven seeds of “habbat sawda”, and some cinnamon  and “khaake shifa”, holy dust from Karbala Moalla, are all part of my daily routine of must haves in breakfast. Rasululullah SA, has stated that if one has these seeds with some honey every day, he will be saved from seventy different types of ailments. “Khaake Shifa” the holy dust from the graves of Imam Husain AS does miracles. I am so fortunate to be getting these barakaat (blessings) every morning as I start my day.

Five meals or six small portion meals a day is the norm advised by health magazines. I have a glass of hot or cold milk in the office at 1030 after breakfast, then snacks and a small portion meal at 1:30, a tall glass of milk at 5 or 6 sometimes and then dinner at 8:30 or 9. I guess I fall under the category of having those suggested 6 meals a day, although I need to work on increasing my 1030 and 6 pm meals quality and quantity and decreasing quantity from the 1:30 and 8.

Back to India

Kurla Chaos

Lets do something

After a long break I am finally back in India, my home town, the place where I grew up. India is a colorful, sometimes noisy  but “happening” country!

For the holy month of Ramadan I am currently stationed in a suburb of Mumbai called Kurla. The masjid is right in front of a major suburban railway station. The area around it tends to get very  very crowded at times, especially as this being the holy month of Ramadan and almost everyone going or coming from their places of worship on the streets.

The bazaar here is packed! There is food everywhere. Its rainy season, and with all this happening in an area of spanning less than three to four square kilometers, with water falling from the skies, it does seem to get rather messy sometimes.

On the other hand, the people here are so happy and joyful. There is not one soul you may notice on the streets, but you can see a smile on their faces. Every one seems to have a job and a journey in front of them. There are agendas being kept and work work work everywhere. It is a sign of a progressive hard working society.

But what about the mess on the streets, and the traffic problem, and the buildings in bad shape, and side walks being consumed by shops and street vendors! There has to be a way all this chaos can be managed.


northolt london – Google Maps

Beautiful City. I love it 🙂

The weather is superb. The people are friendly. and the one who I love the most in this entire world is here.

After India, the best thing I love about London is its weather. The fact that I was born in London also has a lot of influence on me developing such fondness for the city. It has always been accessible to Indians. Its like going back in time in the British Raj! Some may also feel that we are going and colonizing England as they had come and tried to colonize us :). Its funny.. but I am always amused with the thought.

Indeed there are so many Indians in England! South-hall, Wembley, and so many places in London are full of Indians. Indians contribute to the Society at large. Immigration brings with it variety and makes life so much more interesting.

How do you get a four year old to memorise “Quran e Majeed”

The other day some one came up to me and inquired about some tips for her four year old daughter to help her start and continue memorizing alQuraan alKareem.

I was thinking about how do you get such a small child to start memorizing the Quraan; A child who has not yet started reading or writing.

Children learn or “memorize” languages they speak by listening to it and associating those sounds with objects or subjects that those sounds are frequented with. Similarly Qurane Majeed can be memorized by “listening” to it.

I think when we listen to quran again and again we tend to memorize it and associate it with the melody that it is recited in.  Having said that, I thought, to associate those sounds with more than just the melody would be better and more reinforcing for the child. I advised the person inquiring that he could let the child associate those sounds (and the associated melody combined) with some “images”.

He could help her place her finger on the exact aayat and guide her finger to follow the words of the aayat as it is being recited, hence she would associate those sounds with the design that is appearing in front of her made up of letters and words.

A further association that would really reinforce the aayaat and surahs is something that she could relate with her feelings. She could relate some surahs or aayats with “shifa”, some aayats with “happiness”, some aayat with “buka” or things like that.

To sum it up, we covered three types of associations that our mind formulates to help itself memorize anything and everything. These tools are come in handy at all ages.

I was looking for tips for memorizing alQuraan online and came across an informative page that suggests 13 points to take into consideration when memorizing. This is the site:


Waterfall Glen is beautiful. It is right next to where I stay. There is Cycling, Jogging and I believe also skiing in winter. There are miles and miles of sand paved trails among the beautiful lush green woods. Right in the heart of Downers Grove lies this beautiful oasis of nature.

I managed to walk almost an hour in the woods. Brisk walking is the trick they say. People have to maintain their lanes as they do on the road. There were some tourists from out of town, who were walking on the wrong side of the road. I think they must have come from where they drive on the left. Speaking of left and right side driving, there has always been a tussle between East and West. Back in India we say we have a right hand drive car, where as in america they insist that Indians drive on the left hand of the road hence we are on the left. On the other hand they, by driving on the right, although having the wheels on the left.

It is so interesting that our minds can go so far away when left alone. Its a jungle in there. I am in the forest and I am thinking about the right way of driving cars. Our minds are fascinating.

Nature has to offer a lot to us. Every leaf is doing its job in saving the world and keeping it running. It lives, and by doing just what it has to do to exist till whatever time it is destined to, it is doing service in one way or the other to everything around it.

When I was walking on my one hour walk, I got time to appreciate nature. I got time to think. I was in between all of it. Every corner had a whole life cycle revolving around it.

I hope I am able to do it every day 🙂

Exercise in the woods is the best thing ever


Chicago is a beautiful city. The lakes, the greenery, the food, and what not. I was fortunate to have experienced all the four seasons in this city. I came here and the leaves were orange and yellow. I had to go back to India, leaving behind the snow! When I came back in March the flowers were starting to bloom, and now its almost the beginning of summer and its green all over.

Its a colourful city. Every weekend there was a different activity. There was boxing one day, and fishing the other day. We went swimming one day and a picnic another. Shops are interesting too. The better half finds her colour over there. Cycling and walking by the lakes was one of the best things the city had to offer. People here are colorful too. We have people from the East and West, North and South. People from India and Pakistan, people from Singapore to East Africa. Its a colourful city!.

Food was amazing all these days. Especially the hospitality that made us feel like home in all the homes we visited these past few months. So many interesting people, living together and enjoying life and investing time and energy in the service of mankind. Its a colorful city!