I love coffee ice-cream. There is a posh coffee house at the Taj in Mumbai called the Sea Lounge. We used to love to go there whenever we got a chance to have coffee ice cream, and a view of the great harbor seas of Mumbai. The name was very interesting too. It was Viennese (we used to pronounce it as vianoise, or maybe it is spelt like that.. I dont remember the spellings from the menu, i just remember the creamy taste). Another thing some of us loved to have over there was five star bhel puri. One plate costing around 300 rupees, whereas you could get one of those in less than 20 or 30 maybe outside. To have bhel puri the common street food of india in a five star plate in a five star hotel was something different, an experience in itself.

I havent been to that place since a very long time. Sea lounge was our hang out place. There is a shop called Nalanda on the ground floor, My mother used to take me there. Wonderful books. My mother is all about books, and reading and getting to know the world, and getting creative. I simply admire her passion towards knowledge and creativity. She always finds happiness in the written word.

Surat too makes one of the finest creamy coffee ice creams ever. Badshaah and Kings make delicious ice creams. They dont always have it in stock but when they do they know where its going to go. Its going to go straight to my fridge. I tried baskin’s coffee, but no where in comparison with Kings of Badshah. These two are like the giants of ice cream next to where i stay in Zampa Bazar Surat. They have loads of orders, in the gallons and gallons.

So long is there ice cream in this world I love it!!